Heart of Brittany

From : 22,00

Destination : Guémené-sur-Scorff, Le Faouët


In the heart of Brittany, the land of King Morvan

Chapels, painters and brigands

Destination : Le Faouët, Guémené-Sur-Scorff

Des Halles, painters and brigands

OuesTyBus takes you to the heart of Brittany in the Land of King Morvan. 40 km from Lorient, the Faouët, the beech grove in Breton, nestles in a hilly region. The bocage, dazzled by the gold of the ajoncs, is carved by the Ellé, a river with salmon and trout that has inspired many painters.
At the heart of the city is the real Halles commercial square, one of the last in Brittany. But on full moon nights, be careful not to disturb the ghost of Marion du Faouët.

Miracles of architecture: Sainte-Barbe and Saint-fiacre

The Sainte-Barbe chapel, built on the side of a cliff, at 178 m of altitude, on a dominant platform the Ellé, remains a jewel of Breton architecture. And Saint-fiacre, all draped in splendid adornments testifying to the flamboyant Gothic does not have to blush from his rival.
If you are single, wear a hairpin with a round head and at the Sainte-Barbe fountain you will find a husband within a year, we guarantee it!!!

 Small town of character and capital of the famous french sausage "andouille": Guéméné-Sur-Scorff

In Guéméné, a municipality labelled «Petite Cité de Caractère», you will leave to discover the remains of its castle but also of its medieval oven: the «Baths of the Queen». A stroll through the streets and alleys of the historic center will impose itself on you to discover the charm of ancient houses, worthy heirs of the Middle Ages. But we will not leave Guémené without mentioning his famous handcrafted andouille, which is still the pride of the people of Guéméné.


Your day

After having picked up all the passengers at your accommodation, we will accompany you on board our mini-car.
Destination: a chlorophyll cure. Direction: Guémené-sur-Scorff and Le Faouët

Free time to visit this small city of character and capital of the andouille. Lunch break. You can have lunch in the many restaurants or bring your picnic
Departure for the Faouët
Chapelle Saint-Fiacre au Faouët
Free time to admire one of the most beautiful jubés in Brittany; a real carved painting with one hundred twenty characters and animals.
Départ pour la chapelle Sainte Barbe
Chapelle Sainte Barbe au Faouët
Free time to visit this chapel which is in the most extraordinary position imaginable; it is hung on the side of the mountain on the steepest side, and as if suspended above the valley of the Ellé river.


Return to your accommodation around 6:15 p.m. Passengers will drop off in the opposite direction of departure.





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  • Tasting and restoration
  • Drinks and personal spending