Geological magic and lands of legends

From : 24,00

Destination : Huelgoat, Les Monts d’Arrée

Mercredi 4 mars


Rocks of legends and a chapel on the mountain.

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Destination : Huelgoat-Les Monts d’Arrée

Who will make you shake the rock?: Huelgoat

OuesTyBus takes you to visit an extraordinary chaos, a legendary landscape where unstable granite giants, a Silver River and an overflowing popular fantasy meet; all thrown in bulk within the ancient forest of Uhel Koat (Huelgoat). Come on, let’s roll up our sleeves, let’s see you rock!!

Balade commentée d’une heure.

A chapel on the mountain: Monts d'Arrée

The Monts d'Arrée is worth a visit. It is an almost unreal landscape where wild bogs and mysterious moors mix; a land still untouched by any human intervention and a breathtaking viewpoint on the Black Mountains, the Land of Leon (area of Brittany) and the sea in the distance. But beware, when from the chapel Saint-Michel, you will watch the night fall, not to cross the Ankou, its wagon and its fake…




Free time to get lost in the magical landscape of Huelgoat.
Lunch break. You can have lunch in the many restaurants or bring your picnic.
Departure for the Monts d'Arrée
Les Monts d’Arrée
Free time at the Saint-Michel chapel in Braspart. The region looks like a desert, and when you walk through it, you feel immersed in a kind of “no man'sland” in which you can only admire, amaze, the extent of the panoramas and the diversity of the landscapes.




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  • Tasting and restoration
  • Drinks and personal spending