Your hike without luggage

Book your accommodation and let Ouestybus take care of the rest.
We carry your luggage from stage to stage: in the morning we pick up your luggage at your hotel, lodging, camping etc. and bring it to the next accommodation.

The advantages of carrying luggage

  • Live freely your hike
  • Give us your superfluous kilos and make your roaming a full of emotion
  • As the morning rain does not stop the pilgrim, find every day the comfort of a garment spared by the weather
  • Do keep only the footprint of tamed places and landscapes and not the stigmas of an overloaded hike

The luggage you may be giving us a backpack, a suitcase, a gym bag… the key is that it be of one size and reasonable. We ask that each piece of baggage not exceed 12kg and be made of a single piece. In case of overweight, we will ask you to lighten your luggage or make a second luggage which will be charged as an additional charge.

We ask that luggage be available every morning at 8am in the accommodation. Your luggage will be delivered in the day at the latest by 5pm.

Identification of luggage

At the first baggage pick-up, these must be identified so that our driver can recognize them among the other luggage that may be present in your accommodation. It is important that all bags are properly identified in the name of your booking (even for groups).


1 piece of luggage = one holder of – 12kg 

Where ?

Over more than 470 kms:

GR34 Sud Cornouaille – GR 38 A- GR38-GR34E- green way n°7

Nos suggestions de randonnées itinérantes

1 Quimper -Plouay 137km 7 stages GR38
2 Moulin Mer-Plouay 165,5km 8 stages GR34
3 Concarneau-Gourin 46km 3 stages V7
4 Concarneau-Doëlan 100km 5 stages GR34
5 Concarneau-Quimperlé 130km 7 stages GR34/GR34E
6 Loctudy-Pont Neuf (Plouay) 230km 12 stages GR34/GR34E
7 Rosporden-Quimperlé 146km 8 stages V7 GR34 GR34E

Préparez votre randonnée itinérante sur le Sentier des Douaniers en Bretagne avec itirando.

To get a quote it is here !

By communicating your precise itinerary with all your stages and reserved accommodations.

Reminder 1 luggage = 12kg in one piece